Here you can get to know our committee. We are eight people and manage different aspects and activities of our club. Normally, there is at least one of us present at all events.

President MARC

Marc has been the Spillfabrik's president since its inception. He came up with the idea of founding this gaming club, and its success has proven him right. Everybody looks up to Marc; which is to be taken literally. With his body height, it is only normal that he plays basketball as well.


Jean-Claude joined the committee in 2012 and is now our vice president. He'd brought to life the Ludobus before coming to the Spillfabrik. He is also sole or co-designer of a sizable collection of games.

General Secretary CHRISTIAN

Christian (called Chrëscht) has been our general secretary since the beginning. He handles all the ubiquitous red tape and communicates with the municipality and game publishers. He is also a passionate GeoCacher and attracts new members into the club that way.


Committee member GUY

Guy was our treasurer up to 2017. He is the Prez's brother and likes to travel all around the world.


Webmaster ALAIN

Alain joined the committee in 2012. He writes the news articles about our gaming evenings and also maintains this website. Just like other people hang around on Facebook, he is an avid BoardGameGeek user and maintains our guild there.


Committee member DENNIS

Dennis has been a regular member for a long time, before he joined the committee in 2019. He has designed quite a few games, either by himself or as a team with others like Chrëscht and Jean-Claude.


Treasurer SOPHIE

Sophie is well-known to our members as Marc's wife and regular player in our old Konter-a-Mitt team. She officially joined the committee in 2017 and took over the treasurer duty from Guy. Sophie is also our jigsaw master; she always has a jigsaw in progress at the Fabrik, she regularly participates at jigsaw events in Belgium, and she organizes together with Chrëscht and the DT Ell our own event.


Komiteesmember LOL

Lol has joined the committee in 2019, although he has already helped us at our events by manning the second-hand shop.