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How does such an evening take place?

A gaming evening at the Spillfabrik is quite easy and relaxed. Starting at 19:30, people come in and form gaming groups of various sizes t play a game they'd currently like to. After the game, groups switch to a different game or new groups are formed. Everyone may come and go as they wish (see next question, however) and play what they want. If you come in groups of two or more, you may also play a game by yourselves, although it is always more fun to "mingle". We have two rooms available, and sufficient tables and chairs.

What time shall I come?

We are open from 19:30 until about 23:00. You may come at any time; however, we recommend you arrive between 19:30 and 19:45, since groups are formed at that time and play starts. If you come in later (e.g. at 20:00) you may have to wait until other players have finished their game to join them.

Are there any rules of conduct?

Basically, the rule is: "don't be a jerk". Don't be out for a fight and don't wilfully damage anything, and we'll get along.

Should/May I bring along my own games?

Mir hunn e grousse Choix vu Spiller disponibel. Dir kënnt awer och gären en eegent Spill matbréngen.

Do I have to know the rules of any games?

If you do not know the rules to a game, it will be explained to you by your co-players, of course.

Is there food and drink?

We have a refrigerator with soft drinks, Radler, and beer, which can be purchased for 1 € or 1,50 €. Chocolate is available as well, and there are hot dogs on fridays. You may also bring your own food and drink. Please do be careful not to dirty the game components.

May I come without being a member?

You are welcome to join us once or twice before deciding on a membership.

Do I have to be able to speak luxembourgish?

No. As long as you can speak at least german, french, or english, we can play together. Note that some games may be unplayable without knowing the language.

What are the benefits of membership?

With your membership payment you support the club financially, and you may participate at events like the Chill, Spill & Grill and the Viva-Vakanz-Tournament. Additionally, you'll get a rebate when buying boardgames at Rischette in Junglinster and Games Tower in Mersch.

May I borrow games?

You may borrow games in small numbers. To do so, please inform a committee member and write your data in the corresponding list, which is in the club. The maximum borrowing time is 3 weeks.

What's with the jigsaw puzzles?

You can do jigsaw puzzles in our club if that is more to your liking. We have dozens of puzzles available (usually 1.000 pieces). You are welcome to swap puzzles; bring one along you've already completed and take another one instead. In that case, the puzzle you bring should have from 500 to 2.000 pieces, and of course be complete.

Are there parking spots near your place?

You can park in the rue de l'Eglise, there are multiple spaces available.

When's the next meeting, Thursday or Friday?

We play on the last Friday of the month. All other weeks, the date is Thursday. The next events are on our website under the calendar heading.